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The rules here are pretty simple:
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✔️ YES to fangirling/fanboying and hyping our faves;
✔️ YES to recommendations!

Have fun!


[Rina’s List] Favorite K-pop YouTubers

In this era, YouTube has become an integral part of how we find new music to listen to and where we can hear out multiple opinions on it. At this point, becoming a K-pop YouTuber has turned into a trend, and it gets harder and harder to stand out among thousands of other fellow fans. Especially when you’re running a reaction channel. Sure, 6-7 years ago there were only few K-pop reactors on YouTube, but now the numbers have multiplied.

So here’s my list of recommended K-pop oriented YouTube channels you should definitely check out and probably even subscribe if you haven’t done that yet! YouTubers were selected based on how unique their content is, and will also include one channel that is not active anymore as of now, but the content was too good to not mention it.

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[Rina’s List] 11 underrated female dance solos

Time to be brutally honest: female solos are usually being slept on much more frequently than male solos. This statement is not meant to hate on male solos (I stan 3 male soloists, did you even know that? Ha.), but in K-pop market females are having it harder when they go solo. Since they’re not a part of a group, there’s no option for choosing a bias: you either like this soloist, or not.

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I… fell into a writing slump.

Hello there!

Yes, you read it correctly. I fell into a writing slump. But not a general slump when you just can’t produce any type of content.

I realized that these days I’m not really into urgently checking out all new K-pop releases in order to write reviews, especially after two, almost three packed months of all sort of songs and mini-albums. I’m not sure if anyone did a research study, but apparently all new blogs tend to fall into their first writing slump after 6 months of running their platform. That situation happened when I ran my previous blog, and this time my slump came a little bit later than I thought. Or, to be more precise, I forced myself to constantly write in order to avoid that creativity block. But, as you can see, it still came to me, and I guess, I have to admit my surrender.

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[Hidden Gemstone] Good Day – Rolly (y’all are really missing out a solid 2017 debut!)

Oh wow, hi again, it’s another Friday, meaning, another Hidden Gemstone!

Probably I should launch a survey for K-pop fans to find out whether they do check other artists aside from their faves, and if yes, how do they execute that (by the way, if you belong to that kind that checks other artists, you can answer these questions in the comment section~). It’s always interesting to know how people end up being multifandom.

So today’s Hidden Gemstone is a song that I consider one of the best 2017 debuts, and unfortunately, you can tell it went almost unnoticed *sigh*

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[B-sides Treasure] Luna (f(x)) – My Medicine

Oops. I stopped looking at the calendar for a good while and totally forgot I was supposed to post this yesterday. /I need to start drafting ahead/ Lesson learned: I will write down on separate post-it all tasks I need to draft/publish within the day and stick it somewhere more visible than my blogging log, so I don’t forget.

Anyways, here I am again with another treasure from my long K-pop playlist. Welcome to my “Luna deserved better” shitpost, you lots. Duh.

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[Review] Minseo – Zero (I’m eternally SHOOK by the epicness of this song)

I never thought that soon after I discovered Minseo with her retro sounding Is Who, I’ll be writing a full review to her next single (she’s apparently releasing stuff so frequently like?? very?? frequently??) Never have I imagined how speechless she’s gonna leave me with both the song and the MV for Zero. Without further ago, let’s find out what exactly made me so damn shocked to the point I still can’t recover myself.

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[아주 작은 REVIEW] MAMAMOO / Triple H / GFRIEND / Seungri (BIGBANG)

I’m so behind my blogging schedules >__< Having some drafts since probably beginning of this year is also not adding any coolness to it. I need to learn time-management, otherwise I will never have things done in time.

All the way back to our regular 아주 작은 REVIEW section (permission to now refer to it as AJR [aju jakeun review]?), here we have summer releases from MAMAMOO, Triple H, GFRIEND and Seungri of BIGBANG.

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[Review] SEVENTEEN – Oh My! (YMMD is the best SVT album I’ve heard so far)

SEVENTEEN is back with their 5th mini album You Make My Day, and can we talk about how this is possibly THE BEST album they’ve released until today?

I became a casual SVT fan since the beginning of this year after I was totally blown away by Clap and, while was gearing for Thanks promotions, I did a [GOING THROUGH] Seventeen’s discography. I really like when a group establishes a style that’s easy to recognize, meaning when you listen to a song and think, “Ah! This is very Seventeen.” And this is exactly what You Make My Day is as well.

So let’s go and see what’s so good about this whole damn mini album?

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[B-sides Treasures] EXID – Better Together (Hippity Hop EP)

Hello everyone!

I’m back with the second episode (issue, edition – however you call that) of my newest addition to blog content – B-sides Treasures – where I choose a non-title track I think deserves more appreciation and talk about why this song specifically needs to be noticed by both fans and non-fans. This week’s featured song is a pretty much old song in EXID‘s discography, Better Together, from their first EP Hippity Hop.

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[아주 작은 REVIEW] Gyeong Ree (9Muses) / Twice / gugudan SEMINA / Holland

It’s already mid-July! Meaning more and more summer-y songs are being released in K-pop market, and the competition for most loved song of this season is heating up even higher! During these three month, you barely see any dim-colored teasers, everything is just in popping colors, and do we love it? I surely do.

In today’s edition of 아주 작은 REVIEW I’m reviewing newest releases from Gyeong Ree of 9Muses, Twice, gugudan’s new sub-unit SEMINA, as well as Holland.

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[Hidden Gemstone] Longguo & Shihyun – the.the.the

It’s Friday! Meaning the other new section I announced few days ago is launching today!

Thaaat’s right, Hidden Gemstone that will be published every Friday is starting its new journey on my blog! If B-sides Treasure is all about non-title tracks from K-pop artist’s releases, Hidden Gemstone will focus on title tracks that didn’t get much attention or enough appreciation during its promotional time, and, of course, never deserved to be slept on.

The pioneers of this new blog section will be a project duo Longguo & Shihyun that previously were participants of survival show Produce 101 season 2.

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[INFO] Announcing two new weekly blog sections!

Hello guys!

It’s time to finally announce my two new blog sections that are gonna have a fixed schedule, hence allowing you to expect some constant content without guessing when the hell it’s gonna be published!

First one is called B-side Treasures, where I’m sharing with you guys the b-side tracks that, in my opinion, deserves more recognition/appreciation. This section will be on this blog every Wednesday.

The other section is Hidden Gemstone, which is also a underrated songs appreciation post, with only difference that it’s gonna feature a title track that has been heavily slept on. This section will be published every Friday.

I’m really hoping that with these two new sections, as much as with all other ones I have here, I can help K-pop fans to explore more songs and maybe find new artists to follow up with! It’s always a pleasure receiving comments and messages from readers saying that I helped them discover another gem of a song or an artist, it makes me feel very satisfied, because that’s exactly what I wished for when I started this whole blog. Sometimes, when I write strong statements on my personal Twitter, and then meet people from my fandom that are loving my bold attitude, I feel simply happy. Whenever I recommend a song, and the person like it a lot, I feel happy.

Please look forward to these new sections of my blog!

[아주 작은 REVIEW] Day6 / UNB / A’Pink / MAMAMOO

Keeping up with new content becomes harder as I invest myself more into checking out completely different artists, including those I’ve never heard before (well, I signed up for this when I started the blog, didn’t I?), and also as I’m full-time focused on supporting my bias group who’s on their promotional period right now. So I apologize again for such late reviews during these times.

I’m back again with another 아주 작은 REVIEW, and we have Day6, UNB, A’Pink and MAMAMOO to talk about.

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