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Have fun!


[아주 작은 Review] VIXX / HA:TFELT / DJ Hyo / A’Pink

Last post for today, phew! Let me say it again: April is a crazy month for new releases. I feel like everyone’s trying to compensate for an occupied by Winter Olympics February month when all releases would eventually get buried under the nation following the sports. There’s still  one more week to go, but somehow I feel like it’s been an eternity since the month started, and all those new songs flooded in. I barely manage to keep up with every single one here.

So for today’s episode of 아주 작은 Review, I’m featuring releases from VIXX, HA:TFELT, DJ Hyo, and A’Pink.

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[Review] Amber – Rogue Rouge mixtape (SM, do your job properly already, OMG)

SM, I’m asking you once again: when will you STOP neglecting f(x)? Ever since Sulli left you almost barely cared about my girls. One comeback, a solo concert and a fandom name, yes, thank you, but after that you threw them into the dungeon. You really think MeUs will forgive you that?

My Amber released her mixtape (for free!), and you don’t even care to promote her. Is it because in one of the songs she’s clearly dissing you? I guess so.

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[Ranting] NU’EST Baekho acquitted of charges + full comeback preparations (thank you, Pledis!)

So! I know I’m 4 days later than I should’ve been, but I literally couldn’t find a proper time to write this post, plus I was busy re-designing the blog and spreading happiness on Twitter… but! I still think it’s worth expressing my thoughts on this.

I understand fully that the topic I’m about to mention is very sensitive, and I’m trying my best to choose the most neutral words to express my opinion, however, as I know that it’s impossible to please everyone with whatever going to be said, I apologize in advance to those readers who might not agree with my vision on the situation or will find it somewhat offensive. I’m willing to give proper explanations to whatever questionable sentences appearing in this post.

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[Review] WheeIn (MAMAMOO) – Easy (ft. Sik-K)

Looks like the girls from MAMAMOO decided to fully showcase their vocals in solo releases in 2018. Even with my statement of dearly cherishing their original sound, I find that this year is perfect for the members to explore more and do the music they like the most, especially considering the drastic change of musical style with their latest comeback Starry Night. With Hwasa having a solo in the album Yellow Flower where mentioned title track comes from, RBW announced that the remaining three members will also have their solo releases. My today’s main character is WheeIn and her R&B solo Easy featuring Sik-K.

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[Review] JBJ – Call Your Name (+ album & disbandment thoughts)

We’re not even half into 2018, and we’re already about to say goodbye to one of Produce 101 project groups… It’s always sad seeing them go separate ways like this, but JBJ is that special case when you’re both absolutely discouraged by their incoming disbandment and outraged at their managing company for not listening to fans’ concerns (and thus, I must mention, they were known for following fans’ wishes regarding JBJ).

Let’s talk about JBJ first and final full album then?

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[REVIEW] Super Junior – Lo Siento (feat. Leslie Grace)

It’s a known fact that SM entertainment are the front-runners of experimenting with K-pop music, and should we ever really expect them to fail any of them? I honestly don’t think so, if we’re not taking SM Station digital project into account.

Super Junior are back with a repackage of their 8th album PLAY, now called REPLAY, and guess what, they’re implying Latin America sounds, which is having a very good chance to become a new trend this or next year. Let’s see what’s nice about this album repackage!

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[아주 작은 REVIEW] UNB / Eric Nam / Yoo Seonho / Hyungseop & Euiwoong / EXO-CBX

Too. Many. Releases. Send help, please. I literally can’t keep up with reviewing everything for April! Who was the one asking for a busy blogging month? – SHUT UP, BRAIN.

Well, here’s another 아주 작은 REVIEW, second one for this week, with 5 releases featured by UNB, Eric Nam, Yoo Seonho, Hyungseop & Euiwoong, and EXO-CBX.

Super Junior’s Lo Siento will go into a full scale review~

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Rina’s Ranting Blog is 6 months old! (+ giveaway!)

Yesterday, on April 11, Rina’s Ranting Blog officially hit the 6 month anniversary mark!

It’s absolutely not easy to maintain a platform for a long period of time, even if for someone 6 months doesn’t seem a long time yet. Trust me, whenever you start doing something constantly, even small milestones feel like the biggest live achievements. Especially when it comes to projects filled with creativity (writing blogs including).

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Ranting: f(x) Luna to finally make a comeback after 2 years!

So SM entertainment finally confirmed that f(x)‘s Luna is making her comeback in April, and what can I say as a almost-hardcore MeU and Luna’s ultimate fan.

I’ve been a MeU ever since Electric Shock back in 2012, and the more it went, the more I loved these girls. Sulli‘s departure really affected the group’s stability on market, and, unfortunately, after very successful 4 Walls in 2015 SM tucked all 4 girls into dungeon. Luna‘s long awaited solo in 2016 didn’t find positive response from Korean public (you frigging stupid people let her flop, I’m still remembering and not forgiving you that, you know), and after that we only have pieces of news from the girls’ personal instagram.

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[아주 작은 REVIEW] YDPP / UNB / Eric Nam / Lee Hongki & Yoo Hweseung

Like I mentioned earlier, most of my April review posts will be in 아주 작은 Review format due to overwhelming amount of comebacks that make it hard for me to keep up. This week already will have 2 of these posts, which means covering 8 (!) releases, so if I was doing a review post for each one, I wouldn’t be able to write posts long enough for it to be considered as full review.

Back to the topic. Intentionally skipping Twice comeback (which I will cover quickly on my Twitter), today I’ll be talking about YDPP CF collaboration, debut of UNB, a group coming out from The Uni+Eric Nam‘s long awaited comeback, and wonderful duet between FT Island’s Lee Hongki and N.Flying’s Yoo Hweseung.

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[아주 작은 REVIEW] OH MY GIRL BANHANA / EXID / The Boyz / Jeong Jinwoon (April needs to show mercy to me for my own damn sake!)

Excuse me, I need some time to regain my breath and catch up with everything.
April is so packed up with amazing comebacks and debuts that I find it physically impossible to write full reviews now, it all gonna mess up in my head to properly brainstorm, so excuse me for writing small bites of reviews for such amazing releases I’m about to mention here.

This edition features OH MY GIRL BANHANA, first OMG sub-unit, EXIDThe Boyz, and Jung Jinwoon of 2AM.

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[REVIEW] LOOΠΔ / Olivia Hye – Egoist (finally LOOΠΔverse is complete!)

This is my first time actually reviewing a LOOΠΔ release! It’s a bit thrilling to talk about the pre-debut single of the last LOOΠΔ girl, so I hope all LOOΠΔ fans can be tolerant with whatever I’ll express here in a review.

If you’re curious what I think about LOOΠΔ discography in general, make sure to check out my GOING THROUGH: LOOΠΔ discography post!

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[PLAYLIST] “우리둘만의 Party”

Welcome to Rina’s Ranting Blog Playlists.

Recently I started a separate notebook where I sort songs from my Apple Music into themed playlists. Considering that I have 700+ songs in collection, the sorting gets harder and harder, as most of the time I have to re-check lyrics or re-listen to songs to figure out which topics they suit.

This is my second playlist called, “우리둘만의 Party” (“Party for us two only”), which is dedicated to intimate or sensual moments between two significant halfs with building tensions. All songs selected are on an upbeat side, with a lot of R&B vibes, which perfectly suits the mood.


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[아주 작은 Review] Stray Kids / Samuel (ft. Jung Ilhoon of BTOB) / Monsta X / Jung Joon Young (boy edition all the way today!)

I’ve been delaying too much this week, but actually, it’s not my fault that most new releases were closer to the end of this week, hahaha. But whatever, here’s another edition of 아주 작은 Review for this week (you’re gonna see more of this featured image in April, I guess… it’s gonna be one of the most hectic months for me as a blogger).

Today is fully a male artist edition, with Stray Kids debut, Samuel, Monsta X and Jung Joon Young comeback releases.

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